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An M&A firm using a paper based process for managing & closing their client engagements and associated documents, costing them time, accuracy and compliance problems.


The Verum team automated their engagement management process into a browser-based application, with a backend database. The new solution also connected with their time management and billing system, and allowed all relevant employees with role-based access.
 Now the client monitors real-time engagement status, data and documents, preventing errors and eliminating process delays.


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A Senior Care provider built a rudimentary solution to track COVID testing for their 30+ facilities. The developer then moved on and the client was left with a business-critical application that needed updates, enhancements and eventually replatforming it to a robust solution.


Verum Solutions helped the client with updates and enhancements to the old PowerApps application, as per their changing needs and CDC guidelines. We also transformed/replatformed the application into a scalable, secure, robust application with near real-time dashboards and automated CDC and internal reporting.

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